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  1. One other thing I was told (not by the company of cousre) was that I could’ve driven my truck to my house and filed the claim there under the renter’s policy and they probably would’ve covered the stolen items, though I would be held to the higher deductible and it felt wrong to move the vehicle and THEN file a report. Since yours was broken into at the place where you live, maybe your renter’s policy would work out better in your case.

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    July 17th, 2014

  2. Thanks for sharing. Your post is a useful contribution.

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    August 13th, 2014

  3. Can I prepare these the night bforee and just keep them in the fridge instead of freezing them if I plan to bake them the following morning bforee work?[] Reply:September 23rd, 2012 at 4:01 PMHi Trisha, I think that should work just fine. []

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    February 24th, 2015

  4. My fiance and I extiecd to try these but sadly, we didn’t care for them at all and threw away the whole batch. They tasted cheap.[]

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    March 29th, 2015

  5. Bill,As I’ve responded in some of your other blogs, my wife and I eletced to become renters after I retired and we sold our large home. Not knowing how long we’d want to maintain this lifestyle, and wanting to retain a safety net, we wound of getting rid of a lot of our stuff but also put a small housefull into storage (way too much as it turns out!)Our strategy has been to rent furnished condos or apartments wherever we go, thereby reducing the amount of stuff we carry from place to place. Thanks to great internet sites dedicated to renting vacation and relocation homes, we’re able to find great deals on rentals in wonderful places. Our adopted gypsy lifestyle allows us to spend 2-4 months in many locations where we get to know the place, the people and the local culture with the same intimacy a permanent resident would.Also thanks to the net we do all bill pay, banking, etc. electronically. For any snail mail needs, the USPS provides very inexpensive rates on post office boxes and really excellent mail forwarding services (both temporary and semi-permanent)A question we’re often asked is what do you use as a permanent residence? In our case we use my mother-in-law’s address as our Patriot Act address and have our driver licenses, voter registration, etc. linked to that address. We also pay state income tax to the state where she lives.Another question is what do you do about medical/hospitalization insurance? In our case, once we became Medicare eligible, I did a bunch of evaluation and eletced to go with Medigap coverage. Sure, we pay a bit more than you would with a Medicare Advantage plan, but we have no concerns about the portability of our coverage.We’re well into our second year of this lifestyle, with firm plans through summer 2011 and beyond. With current low home prices and mortgage rates, I agonize as to whether we should take advantage and buy another home now. But the idea of being tied down, plus the nice growth our home equity is realizing in blended stock and bond accounts, makes it easy to delay the purchase decision.My advice to anyone dreaming about the gypsy lifestyle is give it a try! It’s wonderful and much easier than you’d think!

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    May 2nd, 2015

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