Surprise In The Corner

Her presence was only discovered by the loud noise coming from her. This old and pale lady was passed out on a magazine at 7pm. It was almost like seeing a ghost.

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He ate all he could for the winter. Now he is retreating back into the warmth’s of his shirt for a long rest.

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What does this have in common?

Your date is¬†definitely¬†going to be disappointed that you took her to get dinner at McDonalds not to mention you fell asleep during it. Then again she probably feels romantically “treated” to a McFlurry while you pass out. I can’t imagine why she wasn’t there when you woke up.

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Mr. Sandman

Goodnight moon, gooodnight stars…. goodnight old broke down cars…

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I don’t sleep, I dream

I’ll settle for a cup of coffee, but you know what I really need, I’m looking for an interruption, Can you believe? Some medicine for my headache.

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