Godless Complex

His shirt reads: “When I’m God Everyone Dies”. Nice cut offs with fishnet arm stockings you got there “god”.  Its 1am, you’re wearing a fedora, wearing the worst hate-my-life shirt ever, and even if you become “god” you’ll still suck at life.


His Holiness

It is a deeply religious experience at McDonald’s… not because his holiness has visited but because you always get the chance to look around and know you’re better off.


Puttin’ out the vibe

I can see where the buzzed hair on the sides grew out now.

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Wok on the wild side

Sugar Plum Fairy came and hit the streets, Lookin’ for soul food and a place to eat, Went to the Apollo, You should’ve seen em go go go They said, Hey shuga Take a walk on the wild side. “Share” this if you like it.

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An older man around 50-80 years of age who looks to pick up an unsuspecting younger man. He’ll use anything to his advantage including Chanel lipstick and dressing as a 1980s woman.


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