Now Hiring

These guys look to be thrilled at the new employment opportunities waiting for them. Nothing like being photographed as a shit by a shit sign.


No Thank You

How can you start your mornings? You can start it off with a cup of coffee, or a mocha, or a sausage in yo butt.


This Chemical May Cause…

If you were worried about fast food causing obsesity and diabetes, well, now you can add cancer to the list. Despite this warning label, I suspect people are still eating this. I’ll blame the school system on lack of proper literacy on this one…

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Bet She’d Eat One

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Eat and Get OUT! No Loitering

Where have we come to as a society if loitering at a McDonald’s has become such a problem that it warrants a managerial sign?  Huh?  Who are these people who are so hopelessly bored that they not only hang out at a McDonald’s, but they stay there so long, they get asked to leave?  Do we have this same problem in libraries?


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