Motorized Chariot Twins

“Come on Bertha, were gonna miss the breakfast menu!” Stay on there Bertha, don’t fall off on your smooth ride.


Grizzly Adams

It makes one think…’what may have happened for him to end up this way? whats to say that anyone of us couldn’t end up in the same position?’ He then told me he was on a drug and its called Charlie Sheen.


Godless Complex

His shirt reads: “When I’m God Everyone Dies”. Nice cut offs with fishnet arm stockings you got there “god”. ┬áIts 1am, you’re wearing a fedora, wearing the worst hate-my-life shirt ever, and even if you become “god” you’ll still suck at life.


His Holiness

It is a deeply religious experience at McDonald’s… not because his holiness has visited but because you always get the chance to look around and know you’re better off.


Puttin’ out the vibe

I can see where the buzzed hair on the sides grew out now.

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