Always Gotta Look Your Best

There is a time and place for everything, just let me say, please don’t do your hair at McDonalds… I have enough hair in my food as it is.

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Happy Meal for me

Get a load of this one. Is this classy or what: How would you like your significant other to take you to a fast food resteraunt? Perhaps some scenery to go along with that tux and dress to enjoy the night with? NOO. Nothing beats a mcnugget for my date.

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Mona Lisa

Ain’t nobody hired no transvestite. If that sister was a transvestite… that was the Mona Lisa of transvestites.

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Executive Parking Spot

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This Chemical May Cause…

If you were worried about fast food causing obsesity and diabetes, well, now you can add cancer to the list. Despite this warning label, I suspect people are still eating this. I’ll blame the school system on lack of proper literacy on this one…

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