Mr. Sandman

Goodnight moon, gooodnight stars…. goodnight old broke down cars…

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How do you mess that up?

Drive straight, order, then go on to the next window. How do you mess that up? Outside of intentionally having it out for the menu board, there should be no reason for this in any known dimension. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, it could of been drive in reverse day.


Bet She’d Eat One

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Eat and Get OUT! No Loitering

Where have we come to as a society if loitering at a McDonald’s has become such a problem that it warrants a managerial sign?  Huh?  Who are these people who are so hopelessly bored that they not only hang out at a McDonald’s, but they stay there so long, they get asked to leave?  Do we have this same problem in libraries?


Introduce a little anarchy

 Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. If you’ve ever tried ordering a cheesebuger without pickles, you’d know what I mean..

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