Mona Lisa

Ain’t nobody hired no transvestite. If that sister was a transvestite… that was the Mona Lisa of transvestites.

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Executive Parking Spot

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This Chemical May Cause…

If you were worried about fast food causing obsesity and diabetes, well, now you can add cancer to the list. Despite this warning label, I suspect people are still eating this. I’ll blame the school system on lack of proper literacy on this one…

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Mr. Sandman

Goodnight moon, gooodnight stars…. goodnight old broke down cars…

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How do you mess that up?

Drive straight, order, then go on to the next window. How do you mess that up? Outside of intentionally having it out for the menu board, there should be no reason for this in any known dimension. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, it could of been drive in reverse day.


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