Surprise In The Corner

Her presence was only discovered by the loud noise coming from her. This old and pale lady was passed out on a magazine at 7pm. It was almost like seeing a ghost.

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No Thank You

How can you start your mornings? You can start it off with a cup of coffee, or a mocha, or a sausage in yo butt.



An older man around 50-80 years of age who looks to pick up an unsuspecting younger man. He’ll use anything to his advantage including Chanel lipstick and dressing as a 1980s woman.


Macaroni and Cheese Workout

There was an old man doing some perfect push ups outside. He was getting ready to take in all those calories. Also, his hair looks like macaroni and cheese.


Rascally Rabbit

Saw this person ordering at the speaker box in the drive thru when I came across the street. The picture cannot due justice to the moment. Eventually it looked like the manager had come to talk the person.

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