Always use protection

He comes in with a garbage bag. He comes dressed as a garbage bag. Still though, he’s sitting prettier than the 2 hour old food.

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Employee of the month

Would you like a shake to go with it?

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Tastebuds? Who needs ‘em…

The Billboard Liberation Front and McDonald’s has apparently launched a new advertising improvement campaign. Located in San Francisco on Hyde and California St.

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Wok on the wild side

Sugar Plum Fairy came and hit the streets, Lookin’ for soul food and a place to eat, Went to the Apollo, You should’ve seen em go go go They said, Hey shuga Take a walk on the wild side. “Share” this if you like it.

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Motorized Chariot

He thought he would take the old rascal/Hoveround for a spin. After polishing it up, making it look real nice he thought it would be a great to show off  to the drive thru babes. Oh hell, we all know he’s going for a salad.


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